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What's in my yoga [teacher] bag?

Like many yoga teachers, I have to bring the ambiance to my space. I've taught in gyms, classrooms, multipurpose rooms and outdoors. Those places typically don't come with the water feature and soft lighting - I'm usually working with fluorescent lights and paper-thin walls. Despite these challenges, I've found ways to create a zen den on-the-go.

1. Aromatherapy Spray:

This year I have had the pleasure of teaching a yoga class right after a mixed martial arts class. The air tends to be muggy and musty from the sweat of previous students - it is almost unfair to ask my students to breathe deeply under those circumstances. Lately I've been spraying my holy water vibrational spray from Resonance Apothecary to freshen the air. Healing vibes + fresh scents = yoga ambiance.

2. LED Candles:

I recently decided to purchase my own LED candles as an alternative to extremely bright fluorescent bulbs. I don't like asking my students to gaze up only to be blinded. The LED lights can be control by a remote and have varying settings, allowing me to customize the experience. Win/win.

3. Mat Spray:

I always keep my mat spray with me, as I never know what kind of elements I may encounter. I recently taught an outdoor yoga class just hours after a sporadic southern California rain. A muddy mat can be saved with a quick wipe down of mat spray. I mentioned the brand I use in my previous post on yoga gear.

4. Great Music:

Now I know you don't need music to practice/teach, but it certainly helps. Music sets the tone, can guide breathwork and encourages movement. It can also drown out the less-than-fun sounds that can occur in a yoga class. I will be doing another post soon about how I curate my playlists [p.s: I have at least 7 as of today].

5. [Pleasantly Scented] Hand Sanitizer:

Keeping hand sanitizer nearby is a good life practice, but the stakes are higher when we're talking person-to-person contact. I don't adjust often, but when I do I want my student to be greeted with fresh, friendly hands. Bath and Body Works used to carry a hand sanitizer spray with their classic eucalyptus-spearmint scent - so good.

So there you have it! The basics of my yoga [teacher] bag. What do you bring with you to class? Share in the comments below. <3


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