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5 tools for Adults with ADHD

Because this childhood disorder doesn’t spontaneously resolve once you start working a 9-to-5.

“Have you ever been tested for ADHD?”

It was January 2022. I was a few months shy of my 29th birthday, and no, I had never been tested for Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). My therapist gently broached this subject after six months of treatment. She had six months to organically hear my struggles, my thought patterns, my family history, and other facets of my being. My anxiety and depression had improved greatly since my first session, leading her to suspect that I might be neurodiverse as well.

After more sessions and screenings, I was diagnosed and offered medication for the management of my symptoms. Let me be the first to say - I am grateful for the medicine, as it has absolutely has made a difference in my life. I also knew I wanted other resources to support my well-being. I began trying tools designed for the fidgety, easily distracted, and hyper-focused.

October is National ADHD Awareness Month -
let's close it out with some of my favorite tools:

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Fun fact: fidgeting helps many people with ADHD focus better. We’re able to move something while we turn our attention to another task. Fidget rings are a discreet way to self-regulate throughout your day. If you're into jewelry, then you've found your new best friend. I like this assorted set from Amazon!

Tuning out distractions is a primary struggle for people with ADHD, but white noise can help. In short, white noise can muffle distracting sounds, allowing the brain to focus on the task at hand. Placing a white noise machine near your office door can really make a difference. This one is travel-friendly - perfect for distracting hotel stays!

I am a huge fan of essential oils, be they for pleasure or purpose. In this instance, I’ve found that having an essential oil routine helps keep me on track. I use different blends to bookend my days.

The scent reminder helps keep me on track for the task at hand, whether I’m getting ready for my AM workout or winding down for bed. I love products from Saje Wellness, especially their roll-ons

Your brain needs fluids! Dehydration isn’t good for anyone, and it can certainly make ADHD symptoms worse. I start everyday with an electrolyte-boosting blend of water and supplements. These single packs from Ultima are sugar-free and ideal for busy minds - lemon is my favorite!

ADHDers know that inspiration can strike at any time - our struggle is resisting the call. I have gone through countless notepads and journals over the years, leaving most unfinished. Switching to a desktop dry-erase board changed everything! I can jot notes down without the fear of starting (yet another) journal, quickly rewrite my ideas, and have them within my sight for the rest of the day. I adore this gold-accented one!

Whether you've been knowingly living with ADHD since childhood or are a newcomer like me, I hope you find solace in the tools and tricks out there. There's no shame in being an adult with ADHD - what we lack in focus, we often make up for tenfold.



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