That booty tho.

Written in June 2019.

Who knew just what a booty scrub could do? I didn't, but this company sure did.

Between the months of March and May 2019, I was inundated with ads for a butt product. Yes, a butt product.

Cookies, drones and my pocket spy (read: phone) collectively decided that I would a) be a great candidate for Anese products and b) I cared enough about what my butt and thighs looked like to purchase said product. I could not escape the promotion this body scrub, affectionately called That booty tho., composed of walnuts and some other heavenly goodness. The main takeaways from this product are:

- It's unlike any other body scrub I've ever used

- A little goes a long way

- You probably will still use more than you need because you will be #hooked

With a looming Miami trip and #hotgirlsummer trending across the socials, I figured I best get my booty up to par. I unfortunately deal with cellulite, ingrown hairs and dry skin on the regular, and my ass is no exception. While I'm sure my booty didn't look or feel as bad as I felt, I am a Taurus and need all things self-care related. Anese claimed that it would resolve these issues, as well as reduce the appearance of stretch marks, and I figured I didn't have much to lose (minus the $28 purchase price).

I followed the instructions closely. After doing my usual wash routine, I took two fingers worth of product to each cheek. If you are particularly blessed in the rear department, you might feel like it isn't enough, but properly disperse the product before you go for more. I almost made this mistake, but quickly realized that this was more than enough to cover one entire cheek. I only added more when I decided to get my thighs in on the action.

I used my hands to initially disperse the product, then a wash cloth or loofah to scrub a bit more. After about 3 days of use, my butt and thighs were completely free of ingrown hairs and dry skin. The look of the cellulite reduced and overall my booty felt phenomenal! As much as I would love to provide you with photos, I couldn't find a tasteful way to take them. Guess you'll have to just try it for yourself. ;)

I can wholeheartedly say that this was a great splurge ($28 for 2 fluid ounces is STEEP when you're used to paying $19 for 12 ounces, just saying). In this case, this is well worth the coins.

Are you interested in trying Anese? Well I have a bonus perk for you. Use my link and save 20% off your purchase. You're welcome!

As always, be well, wild, & free.