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Let Your Salt Glow: Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps

A series of Pink Himalayan salt lamps.
Photo by anella64 at Pixabay

Ever found yourself longing to be in ambient, refreshing spaces? Stressful days led me to an overwhelming desire to recreate that sense of calm in the home? Well I am no interior designer, Feng shui expert or spiritual guru, but I have done my due diligence to find the pieces my space needed. My most recent investments are as beautiful as they are beneficial.

My initial attraction to Pink Himalayan Salt (PHS) was purely based on the color. While my favorite colors teeter between bold purples and corals, the earthy off-pink of this salt has always been appealing. I chop it up to being an earth sign - Tauruses are drawn to the naturally radiant.

Nonetheless I never bought the $7.00 bottle of pink salts that I spotted at T.J. Maxx and Ross. I stuck to my sea salts and only began to revisit the idea of pink Himalayan salt when I wanted to add it to my decor. What I didn't realize was all the other ways these beautiful lighted structures could boost my wellness.

Once warmed, the salt attracts moisture in the air. Authentic PHS should become damp to the touch in humid environments. Any contaminants that may have hitched a ride on those water molecules would get filtered through the salt, helping to purify the air in your space. The lamps also release negative ions into your space, which we need to help rejuvenate and re-energize ourselves.

It is important to note a couple things when shopping for lamps. There are a lot of fraudulent products on the market, so here are some signs that you have a real lamp instead of a knock-off.

  • It sweats! As I mentioned above, your lamp may become damp in humid environments. Mine gets sweaty after I shower or on particularly humid days. Turning it on warms the salt and whisks the moisture away.

  • It's from Pakistan! Real PHS is mined from Khewra, Pakistan - nowhere else. If the lamp doesn't mention its origin, air on the side of caution.

  • Its Glow is Uneven! Authentic PHS lamps and candle-holders will not have an even glow when lit. They are not bright enough to fully light a room and may express light from one side more than the other.

  • It's Fragile - and maybe a little crusty! Salt breaks down when exposed to moisture, so you may notice white, powdery patches on your lamp if exposed to moisture for too long.

Now that your armed with the facts and thoroughly charmed by the light, I hope you go bask in the glow of Pink Himalayan Salt. Leave me comments with your thoughts and experiences below!

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