MAWARRIORS: 45 Days Of transformation

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

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Guess who completed 45 days of fitness? This gal.

On May 17th I began a 45-day transformation, courtesy of Massy Arias. I'd admired Massy for years. Massy is a certified personal trainer and fitness enthusiast. She's also Afrolatina and committed to helping people of all size find their strength. Her MA Warrior Challenges aim to incentivize fitness while also fostering community.

As fit-thick girl, I was intrigued by how she made bodyweight, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) accessible. Besides the occasional squats and crunches, I did not enjoy HIIT exercises. I never felt strong enough to lift my own body, nor did I see how I could possible train without a weight machine or fitness instructor in front of me.

After months of target advertising and gawking at her #MAWARRIOR transformations, I finally gave a challenge a shot. I signed up for the 45-Day Challenge. I missed the start date for the prize money, but it wasn't about that for me. I wanted to become strong, cultivate discipline and fall in love with fitness.

What I Loved:

The Intensity Progression

Each week we were given a series of exercises that target upper and lower body. As with standard HIIT programs, we progressed through prescribed reps and sets. I felt challenged from the get-go and continued to feel challenged throughout. Massy offers tons of modifications, as well as ensured that the exercises thoughtfully informed each other.

The Online Community

A closed Facebook group with over 7,000 warriors (you read that right) is your sounding board for the challenges. Ranging in age, size, ethnicity, gender and beyond, there is no shortage of dialogue across challenges. I felt encouraged and inspired watching others progress. I still hop in the group periodically to see which of Massy's TRU protein powders are the talk of the town.

The [thorough] Video Guidance

Massy spends roughly a minute demonstrating each and every exercise in her programs. The videos offer modifications, at-home solutions and more. I watched and re-watched each one before starting my daily workouts. #majorkey

The Transformation Tracking

Massy reminds us to take photos of our progress. Yes, that means I have 6 weeks worth of photos of me in a sports bra and the tiniest shorts I own. I love that she doesn't encourage sole reliance on a scale for tracking.

What needs improvement:

The Nutrition Component

Now, here me out before you form an opinion about this. Massy offers a fitness program AND a nutritional component to match. I selected the Plant-Based Mesomorph plan based on my dietary restriction (vegetarian) and body shape. That being said, I dropped the meal plan after a week. I personally didn't love eating the same thing for seven days at a time. As a vegetarian who seldom consumes dairy, I felt like there could've been more options available. That being said, I recognize that Massy is not a nutritionist and still did a dope job at providing us with nutrition guidance. I believe that had I stuck to the meal plan more diligently, I might've seen more dramatic results.

Speaking of results - here are mine:

I gained a great deal of muscle in my back and arms, lost some weight in my breasts and got a way perkier booty! My bloated belly is a part of my day-to-day life, but you can still see a light reduction from the side shot.

The greatest things I gained from this program are 1) upper body strength and 2) a renewed love for exercise. I am eternally grateful to Massy for making her programs accessible in both cost and execution. I highly recommend considering her program, especially if you're new to fitness! Click here to learn more.

All the best,